PDV INŽENJERING DOO VALJEVO-POPUČKE is a limited liability company founded in 2015 as a company with а predominant activity in the fields of thermal insulation works and scaffolding on industrial facilities in the Republic of Serbia. In 2016, the company accepted and introduced ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 (ex OHSAS 18001) standards for which it was certified by a licensed certification and implementation body. In 2019 the company introduced ISO 50001 and ISO 27001 standards as well. Shortly after its establishment, the company expanded its business activities to fitting and welding works, and in the following years added to its business portfolio repairment and refurbishment of refractory constructions, installation of heating and cleaning of industrial facilities with industrial vacuum cleaners. The company mainly performs its activities at thermal power plants, waste incinerators, oil and petrochemical refineries, cement plants, city heating plants, industrial refrigerators, as well as other industrial facilities.

PDV INŽENJERING DOO VALJEVO-POPUČKE today represents a modern and fast-growing company whose name has become recognizable in its industry as a synonym for quality, precision, reliability, responsibility and accuracy in meeting deadlines. While conducting its business operations the company uses the most modern equipment, mechanization, machines, tools, devices and necessary means of transport. Our professional and trained staff disposes of all the relevant diplomas, certificates and licences needed to perform our business activities. During execution of works and providing of our services, we also take great care of preserving a clean and healthy environment. 

The company has in its business plan the establishment of an employee training centre for deficient professions in Republic of Serbia i.e. insulators, scaffolders, refractory masons, fitters and welders, in which one of the main goals of the company’s quality policy will be fulfilled, and that is the continuous improvement of employees’ qualification in order to improve the quality of executed works, to increase the level of health and safety at work as well as to raise the awareness about the importance of preserving, protecting and improving of the environment.